Microblading Workshop

Learn the art of eyebrow microblading, today’s most popular cosmetic tattooing.

Microblading Microshading Ombre Powder Brow + Combo Brow Course

Course Overview

Learn how to best enhance Microblading Microshading Ombre Powder Brow + Combo Brow and understand advanced techniques, side effects, complications, post care instructions. On campus, you’ll learn the history and evolution of this esthetic procedure with a focus on the health and safety issues involved and the products and tools required to create optimal results.


This beginner level course will teach you all the basic skills and fundamentals to start your microblading & microshading ombre powder brow + combo brow. This workshop is a form of permanent makeup that is done using hand held tools instead of a traditional tattooing machine. Unlike traditional tattooing that is ink based and implanted into the upper layer of the dermis, microblading is pigment based and is implanted just above the dermis, we will explore microblading treatments, supplies, a basic understanding, and how it enhances body features.

VERY IMPORTANT: Trainees with a career in mind must be licensed in tattooing or enrolled in a licensing course. The State of Florida, as with most states, requires practitioners to hold a tattooing license if they intend to charge a fee for services.

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  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • Must have a High School Diploma or GED equivalent.

Certification Requirements

  • Must Complete the entire workshop
  • Must Pass the final theoretical and practice exam


  • What Is Permanent Makeup (Pmu)?
  • Safety And Sanitation
  • Skin Anatomy
  • After-Care & Healing
  • Skin Tones & Undertones
    ○ The Color Wheel
  • Everything About Pigments
  • Brow Shaping
  • Technique
  • Ombre Shadin
  • Creating Strokes
  • Microblading Procedure Step-By-Step
  • Combo Ombre Procedure Step-By-Step
  • Consultation
  • Licenses, Certificates & State Requirements
  • Bloodborne pathogens and HIV
  • Cover Up & CorrectionTools and supplies checklist


A Microblading Microshading Ombre Powder Brow + Combo Brow is granted by FAMA at the end of the workshop.

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Course Cost:

Workshop Tuition $2,268.50
Registration Fee (Non-Refundable) $150
Microblading Kit $481.50



Get ready to have your mind blown, our school has the coolest learning environment around, and we want to show it off to you! Join us for a campus tour and see for yourself why we’re the best in the biz.

Course Details:

  Starting Date Coming Soon
Duration 2 Days
Hours 9am to 4:30pm
  Training Type Certification
Class Size 8

Course Instructors:

Jennifer Perez

Jennifer Perez


An instructor extraordinaire, who counts among her clients Robin Thicke and Mick Jagger.