Thread Master Course

Collagen Stimulation and Volumization, Lifting and Repositioning

Course Overview

Welcome to the exciting world of PDO threads, tailored just for you! PDO threads, also known as Polydioxanone threads, are the latest trend in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. These skin-friendly threads, including our exclusive Accel PDO threads, work wonders by boosting collagen production and giving your skin a youthful lift. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Akef, we’ll dive into the many ways PDO threads can enhance your skin, from refining its texture to achieving that stunning, rejuvenated look you crave. Join us on this beauty adventure!


Face Lift
Tissue Repositioning
Collagen Production
Face Contouring


  • Anatomy of the face

    In the module, you will learn about the different skin layers, muscles, fat pads, retaining ligaments, and blood vessels of the face.

  • Aging Changes

    We will discuss the aging changes in the face with a focus on positioning and sagging changes.

  • Eyebrow anatomy and shapes

    You will get an understanding of the anatomy and different shapes of eyebrows.

  • Types of Threads

    This module will cover the various types of threads used in thread lifting.

  • Malar fat pad lifting and repositioning

    Learn how to lift and reposition the malar fat pad with threads.

  • Jowl fat pad lifting and repositioning

    Get an insight into how to lift and reposition the jowl fat pad with threads.

  • Jawling contouring with thread

    You will learn how to contour the jawline with threads.

  • Nasolabial fold corrections with thread

    Discover how correct nasolabial folds with threads.

  • Live demo

    This module will give you a hands-on experience of thread lifting through a live demo.

  • Hands-on practice on models

    Get practical experience of thread lifting through hands-on practice on models.


Part 1: Class

  • Anatomy of the face (including fat compartments, blood vessels and nerves)
  • General Aging changes
  • Midface and lower face aging changes (position changes with aging such as sagging of the fat tissue and skin)
  • Different types of threads
  • Pros and cons of each type of thread
  • Insertion techniques
  • Patient selection and assessment
  • Pre and post-op instructions
  • Contraindications
  • Complications

Part 2: Hands on Practical Session

  • This part includes an in class live demostration, as well as an opportunity for students to do hands-on practice on live patients.
  • Approach 1

In this section, you learn a detailed introduction to the threads which are intended to provide collagen stimulation and wrinkle removal. In approach, you will be introduced to the types of threads for this purpose which are Mono, Screw or Mesh threads. You will learn:

  • The insertion techniques and the proper use of these types of threads, and their pro and cons.
  • Focused treatment with these threads (live demo and hands-on models) on the lips, under the eye, crow’s feet, NLF, and smoker’s line.
  • Approach 2

In this approach, you receive a detailed training for the treads which are intended to be used for anchoring, lifting and repositioning indications. This effect is pose with Cog, Barb, or Cone (The thread type varies depending on the frequency of usage and the specific regulations in each country). This includes also the latest generation of cog threads with moulding effects. This approach covers:

  • The insertion techniques and the proper use of threads for lifting and repositioning.
  • Focused treatment with thread (live demo and hands-on models) on malar fat pad and jowls fat pad lifting and repositioning.
  • The management of complications, including how to identify and treat any issues that may arise during or after theses procedure.

Enrollment Options:

 Purchase of PDO threads $2000

Course Details

 On Campus Nov. 6th
Duration: One on Campus Day
Hours: 9am-5pm
Training Type: Certification
Class Size: 8

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Course Instructor:

reza akef

Dr. Akef


Dr. Reza Akef, an expert in family and emergency medicine with dual board certifications, has been licensed since ’08. Based in Ontario since 2012, he also serves as a clinical associate professor at McMaster University, imparting his knowledge to medical students and residents. You can discover his expertise at the Dr. Reza Akef Medical and Cosmetic Clinic in Toronto, renowned for non-surgical cosmetic procedures, backed by his international recognition.

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