Skincare & Electrolysis Diploma

Earn a Skin Care License AND Laser Tech Certification in just 7 months.

Skincare & Electrolysis Diploma

Dual Licensing: Double your range of opportunities and career potential.



FAMA’s Skin Care and Electrolysis curricula have been approved by the State of Florida. Those who successfully complete the combined 600 clock hours of theoretical and hands-on training will be awarded diplomas in both Skin Care and Electrolysis. A dual license will increase graduates’ employment opportunities and set them apart from those who only have one license.

NOTE: These two diploma programs are completed one after the other in an order dictated by the Academy’s program scheduling. The combined program includes a total of 220 lecture hours and 380 clinical lab hours as mandated by the State of Florida.

Program Outline

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Program Overview


Skin Care Curriculum

Students study skin’s biology and physiology as well as the internal and external factors that cause skin cells to degenerate. This knowledge is essential to the development of in-office treatment plans and at-home skin care regimens designed to protect, repair, and rejuvenate skin tissue. The coursework covers theory; however, FAMA’s accent is on clinical training in order to graduate skin care specialists well-qualified to become the professionals clients turn to improve and maintain their skin’s health.


Electrolysis & Laser Technician Curriculum

The coursework starts with a history of hair removal, and goes on to review various hair removal techniques. The curriculum delves into the different methods of electrolysis, including Thermolysis, Galvanic Electrolysis, and the Blend Method. Of equal importance are the classroom sessions covering the physiology of skin tissue and the functions of the endocrine system, as this is where abnormalities cause excessive hair growth. Still, most of your class time will be spent in clinical labs working hands-on with electrolysis and laser equipment in order to develop the highest level of skill possible.

“This is definitely the way to go. Graduates can take advantage of both licenses to perform more services, cross-promote services, and build a bigger customer base.”

Patricia Plaza, Instructor

Admission Requirements

  • Students must show proof that they are 16 years of age or older.
  • Any student under the age of 18 must have his/her Enrollment Agreement signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • To operate esthetic equipment and perform clinical tasks with ease and dexterity, applicants must have full use of their physical extremities as well as good eyesight and the ability to carry more than 10 pounds as necessary.
  • The student will then complete an application, show proof of age, and present the proper high school or high school equivalency documents.
  • The registration process is complete when the student has signed an enrollment agreement.
  • All fees and tuitions must be paid in full prior to the first day of class unless an installment payment plan has been executed and signed by the authorized parties.


Graduation and Licensing Requirements

  • Skin Care Diploma: Students must complete 280 hours of theoretical and clinical training (Lecture Hours: 100, Clinical Lab Hours: 180), including all required courses, examinations, homework and special assignments.
  • Electrolysis & Laser Technician Diploma: Students must complete 320 hours of theoretical and clinical training (Lecture Hours: 120, Clinical Lab Hours: 200), including all required courses, examinations, homework, and special assignments. All hours and services are required by the Florida Department of Health, Board of Medicine, Electrolysis Council.
  • To graduate, a student’s records must reflect Satisfactory Academic Progress based on achieving an overall attendance level of at least 80% while earning a cumulative passing grade of 75 or higher.

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Program Cost:

Registration $150
 Start-up Cost $1,250
Tuition Fee $6,411



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Program Details:

Starting Date Every Month
Duration 7 Months
Morning Session 8:50am to 1:50pm
Afternoon Session 2pm to 6pm
Evening Session 6pm to 10pm
Degree Licensed Esthetician & Electrologist
Class Size 20 Seats

Course Instructors:

Patrice Stuart

Patrice Stuart


Dedicated to teaching her students the importance of ingredients and product knowledge.

Lucía González

Lucía González


Lucia is a Venezuelan Aesthetic Doctor since 2001, double board certified, dedicated, passionate about teaching […]

Lina Alzate

Lina Alzate

Lina is not only imparting knowledge but also fostering a sense of self-esteem and well-being […]

Kayla Molina

Kayla Molina

Ms. Kay possesses the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure success in our curriculum and […]

Jonathan Cuenca

Jonathan Cuenca


JC is a highly skilled and knowledgeable instructor with years of experience in the industry.

Career Paths:

  • Aesthetician & Laser Tech in a Medical Spa
  • Makeover Specialist
  • Laser Tech in a Laser Center
  • Independent Contractor
  • Wholesale Skin Care Sales