Temporary Financial Policy

Temporary Financial Policy

Updated: 03/27/2020

Florida Academy is continuously working to provide you the best educational services possible despite our current situation. The success of our school, and our staff’s ability to continue to provide these services to you, depends on you, our students, making their tuition payments. We understand that some of you may be facing financial difficulties at this time. We have laid forward the following policy in order to best serve you:

Tuition Statements are sent monthly directly to students via WhatsApp and/or email. Statement will be sent to students that are passed due. Then, the student has 10 days from the due date to make a payment.

COVID-19 Period. If you are unable to make the payment within 10 days, you have the following two options:

  1. Apply for an Extended Payment Plan. You can pay your total tuition balance up to 6 months from your program start date. Please note; you will not receive your diplomas or license until all of your financial obligations are complete. Requests can be submitted in writing to help@famaedu.com.
  2. Apply for a Leave of Absence. Your studies and payments are put on “pause” and you will resume where you left off when you are able to return. Requests can be submitted in writing to help@famaedu.com.

You must notify Student Services prior to the 10 day mark of which option you are choosing. If 10 days has passed from your due date, and no payment or communication has been made, you are ineligible to attend the classes online. Once eight consecutive class days are missed, you will be withdrawn from your program.

We appreciate your understanding, and hope this policy helps to serve you in the best way.