Using Candela Laser for Hair Removal

Using Candela Laser for Hair Removal

Candela laser hair removal is a popular and top-of-the-line hair removal system, and at Florida Academy of Medical Aesthetics—an aesthetician school near Miami-Dade County—we teach our students how to use the Candela equipment to provide their future clients with the optimal laser hair removal experience. Our Electrolysis and Laser Technician Diploma program gives students the opportunity to learn all the skills they need to use the Candela lasers as well as others. If you would like to learn more about this program and how you can begin a new career with the help of Florida Academy of Medical Aesthetics, contact us for more information.

How Does the Candela Laser Hair Removal Procedure Work?


The Candela laser hair removal is the gold standard in hair removal, thanks to its uniqueness in quality and excellence. The Candela offers a variety of lasers for patients to receive specified treatment and to give laser technicians flexibility in their application. Of their many lasers, two models are recommended for laser hair removal: the Gentle Pro Series and elōs Plus. The Gentle Pro Series lasers deliver concentrated and powerful emissions of light directly to the hair follicles. It stops the hair from growing further and eliminates hair growth going forward. The elōs Plus uses something called electro-optical synergy to kill off the follicle at its base and leave you with smooth skin.


Learning to Use the Candela Laser


Because the Candela laser hair removal procedure is considered to be the best of its kind, it is critical for clinicians who utilize these lasers to be expertly trained. This can be done quite effectively in a focused program where students are given the opportunity to work hands-on with the technology as well as receive the intimate technical knowledge to understand how this technology works.

At Florida Academy of Medical Aesthetics, our Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal Technician Diploma program is that program. Our courses offer students an opportunity to work in labs as well as receive theoretical knowledge to further enhance their training. Once they complete the program, which can be done in three and half to four months, students are eligible to take the CPE, CME, and CCE exams and get the opportunity to work with one of these Candela lasers in a real clinic. As an esthetician school who values its students, we understand that giving students the training to work with the optimal equipment in their field increases their job opportunities and gains them a competitive edge against other trained laser  hair removal technicians.

To learn more about our Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal Technician Diploma program, contact us to speak with someone about admissions or visit our website to see if you are eligible to apply.


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The Candela lasers are some of the best lasers on the market for hair removal and technicians who know not only how to work these lasers but the technology behind them and how they function are going to have the best advantage in the work force. Fortunately, we at Florida Academy of Medical Aesthetics are an aesthetician school located near Miami-Dade County that teaches its students, through our Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal Technician program, how to utilize these lasers. If you are interested in learning more about the program, contact us or visit our website.