Benefits of a Dual License: Skincare & Laser Technician

Benefits of a Dual License: Skincare & Laser Technician

As people begin to search for a new career as an aesthetician, they may wonder if a dual laser technician and skin care license would be worthwhile; thankfully, Florida Academy of Medical Aesthetics in Broward County is a skin care school dedicated to helping those who are searching to switch careers or join the workforce for the first time. Contact us to learn more about our dual license program or visit our website to see if you are eligible to apply.


What Can You Do With a Dual Laser and Skin Care License?


A dual license increases the capability you have in your career. The Florida Academy of Medical Aesthetics allows you to enroll in a program that covers both courses of study for skincare and laser technician. Once you have completed everything, you will receive a diploma for the dual degrees and you will be eligible to take both licensing exams.


Once licensed, you will have ample opportunity as both an aesthetician and laser technician in a clinic or spa. Because you have knowledge and experience utilizing the technology necessary for both, you will be a valuable team member for any clinic and be able to flow seamlessly from laser technician to aesthetician.


Where Can You Get a Dual License?


We at Florida Academy of Medical Aesthetics are a skin care school that offer programs for those interested in both a skin care license and laser technician license. For those who only want to participate in one program, there are individual programs for each license. However, since we want our students to succeed in their careers and get the most they can out of their degrees, we offer dual licensing programs. That way students can maximize their potential and be able to do the most in their field.


The program is sequential, meaning that you will take first the required courses for one program then the required courses for the other. In the program, you will take both lectures as well as labs in order to gain both thorough understanding of the equipment and practices you will be using as well as practical knowledge about how to use all of that in a clinic or spa.


For both curriculums, the focus is on hands-on clinical training which will allow students to function in an actual work space. This gives them a leg up over clinicians who may have received only theoretical training or received most of their training online. By being able to work with instructors in person, students gain the skills that they need from trained practitioners.


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Florida Academy of Medical Aesthetics in Broward County is a skin care school that cares about maximizing our students’ potential. In order to give students a leg up, we offer the dual licensing program so you can earn your degree in skin care as well as electrolysis. This way, our students can gain more opportunities and increase their knowledge base. Contact Florida Academy of Medical Aesthetics to start your new career path.