How to Pass the Laser Technician IBEC Board Exam

How to Pass the Laser Technician IBEC Board Exam

If you are wondering how you can begin your career as a laser hair removal technician, Florida Academy of Medical Aesthetics near Miami-Dade County has information for you regarding the IBEC, the licensing exam that allows you to practice. Searching for “esthetician school near me” does not guarantee you will find a school that is accepted by the state of Florida to allow you to take the IBEC. Instead, contact Florida Academy of Medical Aesthetics and speak to an admissions representative about getting enrolled in a laser hair removal training program that will help you begin your path toward licensure.


Receiving Laser hair removal  Training


The IBEC is the International Board of Electrologist Certification controlled by the American Electrology Association. The exam provides licensure to those who pass it from the state in which they take it. In order to take the exam, the candidate must take a state approved program for a total of 320 hours. After successful completion of the program, the candidate may then take the exam.


The first step to pass the exam is to receive the proper electrology and laser hair removal training. At the Florida Academy of Medical Aesthetics, we provide our students with practical and theoretical training so that they can understand the anatomy and physiology of the hair, the science and physics behind laser hair removal systems as well as understand how to use them.


The electrolysis and laser hair removal technician diploma provided by the Florida Academy of Medical Aesthetics for its students meets all the State of Florida requirements to allow students to sit for the IBEC board exam, so you can stop searching “esthetician school near me” with unfruitful results. Once students have received their diploma, they will have completed the requisite 320 hours and will be eligible to take the exam as well as have the tools necessary to succeed on it.


General Test Prep


As with any exam, it is critical to take advantage of as many resources as are available to you. One thing to begin early on is to take practice exams. Preparing yourself for what the test will look like can give you mental comfort before you enter into the actual exam. This can help you focus better and take away some of that test day anxiety.


Another important thing is to invest in a study guide from the American Electrology Association. This study guide will cover everything that you will see on the exam and give you a better understanding of what from your training will be on the actual exam.


On the day of the test itself, be sure to enter the testing facility with a clear mind and calm demeanor. Allow yourself a good night’s sleep the night prior and feel confident that you have the necessary preparation to do well.


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Florida Academy of Medical Aesthetics near Miami-Dade County is committed to helping its students reach the success they desire. That is why we have a state trusted electrolysis and laser hair removal training program to prepare students to take the IBEC exam. Skip the search for “esthetician school near me” and contact us to learn more about our programs.